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Remote Patient Monitoring

Starting this week Southeastern Cardiology will be offering patient's the ability to partake in our Remote Patient Monitoring program. This program allows your provider to track your blood pressure and/or weight remotely on a weekly basis, allowing us to make more informed decisions about your healthcare!

Who is eligible? Providers will determine who the best candidates for Remote Patient Monitoring are. The main requirement is that you must have a smart phone to download the Welch Allyn App that pairs with our devices and uploads your data.

How do you get started? Speak with your provider at your next office visit about the Remote Patient Monitoring program. Once approved by insurance (depending on your plan, there may be a small cost associated with the program), our Remote Patient Monitoring nurse will call and schedule your visit to get set up and trained on the system.

What can you expect? You will need to download your data on a daily basis. You will receive a call from our Remote Patient Monitoring Nurse weekly to discuss your progress, your goals and answer any questions. Finally, every 30 days a provider will review your results and adjust your goals as needed. If at anytime your results are outside of the desired parameters, our nurse will notify the provider. **Please keep in mind that this is not a 24/7 monitored service, if there is ever an emergency, please call 911**


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