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Our Appointment Philosophy

At Southeastern Cardiology we know that when you or a loved one have heart problems, you don't want to wait several weeks to see a physician. For this reason, we do our best to get you in with one of our providers as quickly as possible! All of our physicians are accepting new patients and we will do everything we can to put your mind at ease by getting you on the schedule at a time that is convenient for you!

We have three excellent mid-level (NP/PA) providers - Jed Vickers, Laura Rue & Kyle Cullefer. Jed and Laura work hand in hand with Dr. Darrah while Kyle partners with Dr. Champion. Our physicians have the utmost faith in Jed, Laura and Kyle and we are so fortunate to have their level of expertise and care on our team. We may put you on their "schedule" just to get you in quicker but you will still see their supervising physician!

Please let us know if you ever have difficulty scheduling as that is unacceptable in our opinion. We feel that it is our duty to you to deliver the best care in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

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