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Where to Go Prior to Procedures:
St. Francis Hospital

Day of Procedure:


Parking – there are two options for parking the day of your procedure. First, you may use the valet parking around the back of the hospital at the Butler Pavilion. Second, you may park on your own in the new parking deck connected to the Butler Pavilion.


Check in – Once inside the Butler Pavilion, please take the elevator to Level 1 (labeled cardiac cath lab). After exiting the elevator bay, take a right into the Cardiovascular Services wing and follow the hall into the waiting area. Check in is located on your left right next to the women’s restroom.


Click here for a St. Francis Concourse Map

Midtown Medical Center

Please pre-register prior to procedure date. This can be done three different ways:


1. You can come in and be pre-registered *** this way is strongly recommended if you need lab work drawn prior to procedure so it can be drawn same day you pre-register.  Please bring your ID, insurance information and lab order with you for registration.

2. You can pre-register online by going to At web page choose Patient Portal located top left of web page. Next click Pre Registration located on left side of web page. Next choose facility using the drop down arrow select Midtown Medical Center then click Online Pre Registration and follow directions to complete.

3. You can pre-register by phone by calling 706-494-4816.


Day of Procedure:


Parking – please park in the parking lot across from Outpatient Service entrance located on 18th street.


Check in – Stop by registration for paper work which they should have if you pre-registered. They will direct you to the Surgery Center that is located on the 3rd floor.


*** Please note use the elevators next to registration.

*** Remember nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before your procedure, also remember to bring your medications or a list of medications with you the day of procedure and make sure you have someone to drive you home.



Please use the 18th street Outpatient Services entrance. Parking is located across the street.


Outpatient Services entrance is located across from this sign. Once you have entered the building follow the signs to Patient Registration. Patient Registration is located down the hall on right across from Midtown Coffee Shop. After stopping by Registration you will be directed to the Surgery Center/Waiting area located on the 3rd floor. Please use elevators located next to registration. After getting off on the 3rd floor follow the signs to Surgery Center/Surgery waiting and check in at the desk we will be notified you are here.


Click here for a Midtown Medical Center Floorplan

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