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A highly sensitive, non-invasive stress test. A CPET assesses how well the heart, lungs and muscles are working individually and how these systems are working in unison. A CPET can detect many abnormalities such as heart failure, heart disease, cardiac valve dysfunction, pulmonary circulation disorder, pulmonary ventilation disorder. This test can determine whether your symptoms are cardiac or pulmonary related – or the possibility that the patient is deconditioned. This is a highly specialized test that is available in the Columbus area only at Southeastern Cardiology.


WHAT TO EXPECT: You will be asked to step up and down on a step stool for a few minutes while wearing a mouthpiece. Patients who are unable to physically step up on the stool are able to sit in a chair and move their legs. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for this test. This test lasts approximately 30 minutes.

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